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He didnt want the train to chase its tail around a short oval, and hoped to be able to have track running under a bridge as part of the design. I then traced the plan from the graph paper onto a piece of white tracing paper. Ok so i am looking for recommendations on a track layout software that will handle different track from different suppliers. Moreso, i am looking to create a doggone that will keep a 6 cc track width. Carrera layout track planner is a free track planning software for windows which lets you design race tracks, especially for formula f1. Find hundreds of model railway designs for a variety of board sizes in layout plans. Mi trains makes track planning software for lionel track, including fastrack, and it was used to make several of the plans seen below. Anyrail is probably the easiesttouse model railway design tool around. See more ideas about lionel trains layout, train layouts and layout. The basic technique we used in designing our layout was to take out an old fashioned track template and a handful of sharp pencils. Special building a layout on a budget with over 60 layouts in 20 layout systems.

I see and have printed examples where the dogbone goes from a single main into an. Lionel track and power if you can dream it, you can build it trains and scenery are often the stars of any layout, but any seasoned model railroader will tell you that good track. Ho scale model railroad trains layout bachmann ez track silver super. Knowing how the pieces interrelate is important to planning and building a fastrack layout. We used this software to produce some of the layouts seen below. Scarm the leading design software for model railroad layouts. You can still do those plans, they just turn out larger, more like 5 x 9. Download the files and see them in 2d editor and 3d viewer of scarm track. It comes with some predesigned race tracks which can be edited by the user as per requirements.

If you need more parts,just keep doing it in 50 piece chunks. With scarm you can easily create the layout of your dreams. If you are using fastrack, the layouts will need to be refigured a bit. Model train magazine, website layout maker, and many more programs. The key concept when working with fastrack is knowing the anglesall of the curves and crossings except o48 curves work off of angles of 90, 45, 22. Adding new components is easy with the builtin editor.

These layouts were drawn using two types of software mths railware software for realtrax, and atlas os right track software. In scarm you can use unlimited number of tracks and objects. Here is a busy lionel layout drawn with scale lionel buildings. It runs on windows, mac and linux, simulation of trains. Lionel train layout software plans 3d model train interior. I have never gotten around to buying layout design software.

Track planning software choices when i started in the hobby the only way to draw a track plan was to do it by hand with a pencil, eraser, ruler, and geometry set. This software allows you to create and customize your very own layout, view it as a 3d model and then generate a shopping list to make your dream layout a reality. Mth includes a cdrom with realtrax layout design software in every set. Lionel train layout software, faller expert plastic cement. Scarm means simple computer aided railway modeller software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans. The 50 piece limitation can be worked around just save the first part, then start another part with a new name. The scenery is there mainly as an example of how the layout can be decorated, and individuals can determine their own scenery and accessories. Scarm simple computer aided railway modeller it has lightweight and intuitive user interface, 3d viewing capabilities and many other cool functions and features, plus almost all lionel track systems buildin. Download the layout and then feel free to play around and make your own. There is a 4 wide gap in the center for the control panel and repair station areas.

Enjoy designing your layout anyrail ensures everything fits. We feature lionel, american flyer, mth, atlas o, williams trains, k. Presented here is the track plan for my lionel train layout. O gauge the granddaddy of them all, lionel has made o gauge track since 1915, and todays o gauge track looks almost exactly the same as that which rolled off the assembly lines in. The main purpose of model train layout software is to help enthusiasts and hobbyists to virtually create and design different model train layouts to see what the design will look like after construction. These layouts were drawn using two types of softwaremths railware software for realtrax, and atlas os right track software. You can view the layout as a track plan or just the terrain or both together. To create the plan, i first sketched it on graph paper. Here i want to present one new freeware program for track planning and layout design. I created a modular layout using 12 birch plywood, stained and polyurethaned, with lionel fastrack laid on top. Im having trouble finding a good resource that shows basic design geometry for fastrack. Add buildings and other objects and bring your world to life. By drawing the layout at 1 1 on large sheets of computer paper, a good idea of what will be fun and what will fit in the space available can be drawn up pretty quickly.

I think for a professional track planner, the customer would have a clearer understanding of what the layout will actually look like from the 3d views that 3rd planit can provide. Once a decent layout design was finalized on paper, assembling a prototype on the table top was a snap. This drawing shows what you can easily do in cadrail. I see the benefit of layout software if you plan to design the benchwork afterward, but if you have a space that you are going to fill with a known configuration, then i think it is faster and better to just try laying track temporarily and see if you like it, then change as needed. Search it for railway layouts and railroad track plans by scale, size, tracks and other criteria. Anyrail the easiest model railroad design software. I started off with this layout featured in the may 2001 issue of classic toy trains. I have used earlier versions of the atlas track layout software but that limited me. Almost all model train layout software is based on cad computer aided design principles. As to the atlas o right track freeware, it is no longer available. Lionel fastrack geometry o gauge railroading on line forum. You can design multilane layouts, include elevation changes, barriers and pit lanes.

Rotate switches in the direction you indicate and bend flexible track without cumbersome menu options and mouse clicks. Its also entirely independent, so you can build with almost any track. Scale model railroad museum model train layouts g z s scale. A fast, easy and free way to plan a layout with realistic. Model railroad track hundreds of track, roadbed, and bridge products from popular brands such as lionel, bachmann, and atlas, covering all scales g through z. Xtrackcad is free and it will let you plan just about anything. Atlas model railroad company produces ho and n scale model trains, track. Model railroad track hundreds of track, roadbed, and bridge products from popular brands such as lionel, bachmann, and atlas, covering all scales g through z anyrail model railroad track planning and layout design software for the pc with sectional track and flex track of many manufacturers. In order to create a new track, enter the name of the track. Scalextric track designer slot car track design free. Track planning software choices model railroad layout. Oct 05, 2004 im not sure why lionel decided to go with that 36 diameter circle, it kind of messes up track plans for the standard 4 x 8 layout. Unfortunately for fastrack users, lionel has not yet released track design software for it. Best free track planning software o gauge railroading on.

This is the most complete online database for free model train track plans and layouts of scarm projects and designs. Libraries for many brands, scales and gauges of track and turnoutspoints and model structures are included. See more ideas about model trains, train layouts and model train layouts. Dimensionally, the layout is 15 long on the left side, across the top and 14 down the right side. An advanced version of the track planning software, with a database of buildings, accessories and scenery, can be purchased here. Track layout software recomendations o gauge railroading on.

Xtrackcad is a cad program for designing model railroad layouts. Amply illustrated with color photographs and 36 track diagrams, the book instructs readers on every aspect of the system, from assembling and disassembling fastrack to building a simply oval, planning a layout within various space constraints, building tracks for two trains and reversing trains, and designing unique layouts even yard layouts. Yet there is plenty of building area for your collectables. Just gearing up to start building a nice permanent layout and want to get a software package to design my set. Rr track v5 is the answer for all your toy or model train layout design headaches. Download the files and see them in 2d editor and 3d viewer of scarm track planner. New doorway layouts small layouts with tons of fun for o gauge, o27, atlas o, mth o and ho track. By drawing the layout at 1 1 on large sheets of computer paper, a good idea of what will be fun and what will fit in.

Train plans layouts change directions free model railway track layout. O scale layout in o scale model railroad train tracks for. Lionel train layout software,bachmann trains n scale parts,ny airport transportation service test out. Please see the track plan legend below for an explanation of the colors. Lionel layout model railroad layout design track drawing. The link is still on the website, but it goes to a page that states atlas. For years i used the all gauges track planning template in the back of kalmbachs book 101 track plans for model railroaders by veteran model railroader linn westcott.

Atlas track planning software atlas model railroad. Heres a few things i have learned since starting to plan my new layout. Lionel train layout software, faller expert plastic cement, o. We feature lionel, american flyer, mth, atlas o, williams trains, kline, weaver models, and more.

There are 400 designs ranging from branch line stations to cement terminals and even city termini, perfect for your hornby, bachmann and heljan trains to run on. Scalextric track designer includes the full scalextric track inventory allowing you to design the perfect slot car layout. Scalextric track designer slot car track design free download. Free model train layout design software free downloads. Lionel o gauge layout design software model railroader. A lot of work has gone into this layout design software to make it user friendly. No more templates to struggle with, no messy erasing and scribbling, no emergency table extensions propped on sawhorses, no last second hacking of the xmas tree, just pop up the menus off this fully graphical software in the gauge of your choice and plan away. Anyrail model railroad track planning and layout design software for the pc with sectional track and flex track of many manufacturers. I bought a copy of rr track layout design software i installed it on my computer on 10 apr 2011.

Whether youre looking to switch up your sgauge layout or are creating your first one, here are some track design ideas for your train table or under your tree. This 3d software includes a room designer so that you can layout the exact conditions you are working with. Anyrail makes model railroad design so easy, its fun. The plan on the tracing paper was scanned into my computer and made into a graphics interchange format gif image file. Was wondering what program people have used for lionel o track not o27 or fast track. Shoe in track pack 11 x 12 o gauge train layout design.

Lionel train layout track plan roberts lionel trains layout. It runs on windows, mac and linux, restore anchors for create curve. This is another type of model railroad software that you will almost certainly find useful for your train layout not so much for planning purposes, but more for creation of signs, decals, old classic advertisements for your buildings or billboards, simulation of brick or stone walls, stained glass, window treatments, wallpaper, etc. Jun 06, 2016 a quick, super easy and free method to plan a layout with realistic constraints using layout design software called anyrail. Track design with softtrak is a matter of connecting the ends. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan.

I have a post war lionel tube track layout in disrepair and want to revive it and or expand it in the coming monthsyears and i want to do some planning before i jump into this project. Rr track for windows is an excellent program for sectional track users and is easy to use. Our layout is designed to have two distinct play areas. It works well on carpet, hardwood or any flat surface. I characterize this design as minimalist and sparse. Therefore, lionel has designed a multitude of track pieces to meet almost any need. Annas siding track layout train pack 4 x 8 o gauge.

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